Musketeer Crest

A musketeer is one of the five pirate classes. They use firearms and traps in battle. They fight from a long-range and slow their enemies with traps to avoid hand to hand combat.


Musketeers specialize in creating traps and obstacles to slow down their enemies so they can snipe them from a safe distance. The Musketeer's iconic power is the Rain of Mortarshells which blankets an area with explosive traps.


The privateer first companion is Wing Chun, a Crane Student Privateer



Ol' Fish Eye the teacher of the musketeer class.

Musketeers train in the Musketeer's Roost on Skull Island with Ol' Fish Eye.

As a youth, this keen-eyed Pelican ran away from Skull Island and his home in Jonah Town to see the Spiral. He learned to shoot as an auxiliary in the Marleybonian army, but during the Polarian Wars jumped ship and became a Pirate.

He sailed with a number of infamous Pirates, including Catbeard, Erica the Red, and Captain Avery before settling down on Skull Island. Known for his gruff disposition and foul temper, Ol' Fish Eye's aim is as sharp as ever.