Clockworks are Armada soldiers. They are all under the rule of Kane.

The first clockworksEdit

"Kane, first of the clockworks, commands the armada." Captain Avery speaking about the clockworks' history.

The first clockwork, as seen above, was Kane. His court was made next. Then the Armada was created. Kane ruled over this vast army. But it wasn't enough. Kane demanded that his inventor create more and more clockworks. When he refused, Kane stole the blueprints from his "father"'s lab. The clockworks gained control of the lab and built millions of more clockworks. They then wanted more space to work. So they built a huge citadel orbiting Valencia. But Kane grew more greedy, he wanted more. So he started taking worlds.

Monquistan WarEdit

Kane first targeted Monquista and noted their vast empire. He decided to take it first. Many clockworks raided Monquista. The Monquistans called the Armada the "Faceless Ones" due to their "masks". Later, the Monquistans asked for the assistance of Marleybone. With their help, they drove the Armada away.

Marleybone WarEdit

"We will take Marleybone and then Monquista will have nowhere to run. MUHAHAHAHA!!!" -Supreme General Kane to Deacon

After the defeat at Monquista, Kane became furious at Deacon, who led the attacks. He said "You mindless idiot! Why didn't you blast down those dog ships!?" Deacon was punished and Kane decided he himself should lead the attacks. He took Deacon to the docks and unvailed his new flagship, the Mavelolance. Kane sailed to Marleybone and blasted cannons at the towers of Marleybonian shi

A basic armada clockwork


The Deacon