A feline swashbuckler from Marleybone.


Catbeard is a white-furred humanoid Persian cat. He is somewhat overweight, a trait he claims he gets from his mother, and has green eyes. He typically dresses in a black tricorn hat, a red coat, yellow cravat, black trousers and boots. Once he's recruited into a player's crew, he will adopt the player's colors.


Some years, and quite a few pounds, ago, the young Marleybonian sailor who would become known as Catbeard was a member of the crew of famed explorer Marco Pollo. He was present during the voyage where the crew discovered the lost city of El Dorado. Marco, fearing what would happen if the map fell into the wrong hands, divided it among himself and his six officers before they went their own way. After those days, Catbeared took up work as a Privateer, and found piracy to his liking. Catbeard's reputation grew over the years, making him something of a legend in Marleybone and Skull Island. He specialized in hit and run tactics, raiding trade ships from across the Marleybonian mercantile empire.