Buccaneer Badge

The Badge for the Buccaneer Class.


Buccanneers are one of the five classes. Unlike the other high damaging class, the Swashbuckler this class relies on brute strength, and Heavy Armor (unlocked at level 10). They use Smashy Weapons, which can be one or two handed weapons. They deal high damage, but everything has a catch. For their high damage they risk low accuracy, but can take a lot of damage to make up for the low accuracy. They start out in the beginning of the game with a Battleworn Spear (Beginner Weapon) and the Mighty Strike Power. Over all, Buccaneers are for the people who like to rush their way through battle, and take a lot of shots.


Kobe yojimbo

Kobe Yojimbo, the first companion that a Buccaneer gets.

As a Buccaneer, your first companion that you get from the tutorial is named "Kobe Yojimbo", who is a Bull Ronin Swashbuckler. This is a Picture of him, and his clothing color will vary depending on the colors of your flag. Here are the stats he starts off with:

Strength: 20                                Agility: 30                                  Will: 15

Accuracy: 5                                 Dodge: 5                                   Armor: 0

Resistance: 0                              Dmg: 7-12                                 Health: 40


Buccaneer Trainer

The Buccaneer Trainer on Skull Island

Every Class gets a trainer, and the Buccaneer trainer Mordekai at Buccaneer's Den on Skull Island, just so happens to be the most fearsome.

He most powerful swordsman on Skull Island, Mordekai is the last of the Hammerhead clans that used to dominate the Skyway. Captain Avery freed him from a Monquistan prison more than twenty years ago, and the Buccaneer has followed Avery ever since.

Now he serves as Avery's chief bodyguard, and also trains new recruits in the way of the sword.